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This is an online desktop service for home and small business users. You will not be asked to insert your recovery disc. We will help you to solve your problem without loss of data or personal information.

Please Note: Open 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. If no Techie available, Please Check Contact Us.

All data will be backed up, if the issue could cause any loss of data.

Manual Repairs, please see foot note.

We can use Remote access tools where standard directions will be of no help.
Please note we will try to talk you through a fix before accessing your pc.
Hardware and software help and advice
Discretion is Guaranteed, your personal data will not be accessed, unless it is part of that data we are helping you to fix.

Manual Repairs

 We do manual repairs, but all IT equipment for repair must be delivered and collected after repair. We do charge for manual work but our prices are very, very affordable.

 Please Note: When Techie not on-line, still click the logo and leave a message, we will contact you asap.

We are Service desk trained Computer Engineers, with 34 years experience in:
On-line Help with a friendly and professional service.
Computer builds, maintenance & upgrade advice & Hardware fault finding

Software installations & fault finding

Microsoft Applications & various other software packages

Small Business or Home Networks, Accounts and Security.

Individual issues can be assessed and a solution found for everyone.

Plus our price plans are very affordable and very competitive.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs or check our existing price plans.

Small Network Server Management plus account management where required. Password control for users, ensuring system security.


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